4 mapping of resources, devices and educational good practices in the cities of Madrid and Barcelona (Spain), Palermo (Italy) and Athens (Greece) in order to favor the inclusion and educational continuity of students of migrant origin or descent, from an intersectional approach, and adjusted to their specific needs. An interactive and easy-to-use resource, accessible to schools, students, families and the local context.

An interactive self-training module for teachers of all educational stages, on educational inclusion of students of migrant origin or background, from an intersectional approach.

Video of referents

An audiovisual resource of testimonies of women and men of migrant origin or descent and with professional and personal experience that can serve as inspiring referents or role-models for students, to be used as an educational resource that motivates educational continuity and contributes to preventing early school leaving. This resource will be accompanied by a didactic guide for its application in the classroom, with secondary school students.